Thursday, October 25, 2012

dress code in ksa

its been 2years and 3 months since i left philippines to work abroad.i find it ironic because at first i thought i cant stay for long since im outgoing and free person.everybody knows that saudi arabia is strict especially when it comes to dress code.

months past and i begin to appreciate what is already here.lots of adjustments  because its really different from what i use to have and i use to do.culturally shock,language barrier and the saddest part for me is that i cant dress up the way i desire..huhuhu..crying at
 but of course,life must go on and enjoy every bit of seconds that your free from work..if there is free time,my friends from nmg knows the story behind this..

wondering what im wearing? my ever dearest ABAYA i have 2  of this with different design.i got it from local boutique here in abou arish jizan ksa.